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A Holistic Approach To Modern Urban Developments

June 23, 2016

Modern urban developments have significantly improved over the years, and now take a holistic approach to the wider surrounds. Wetland creation or rehabilitation is now a crucial component of every residential development, and for good reason. These areas are designed as storm water staging areas which enable less stress to be placed on underground pipes […]

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The Protection Of Native Ecosystems In The Modern World

June 15, 2016

Debate surrounding the protection of native ecosystems in the modern world often brings a vast array of stakeholders together with differing views and motivations regarding native areas and their perceived value in contemporary society. Should native areas be preserved for future generations at the risk of impeding economic activity or is there a more important […]

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Pond & Wetland Ecological Restoration

May 18, 2016

Clean Streams Consultants was contacted by a property owner with concerns regarding their private pond, with reports of discoloured and foul-smelling water. Clean Streams were asked to investigate the current state of the pond and examine what could be causing the issues with the system. An ecological assessment was undertaken on the pond and adjoining […]

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Long Bay Wetland Management Plan

April 28, 2016

The Long Bay development is Auckland’s largest and original water sensitive communities, covering over 380ha providing approximately 2500 dwellings and a town centre. As part of this development, 4 wetlands are to be created throughout, along with improvements to riparian margins that surround the two streams that flow through the area.

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