Partnership with Bestmann Green System

We are really excited to announce that Clean Stream Consultants has signed a partnership with Bestmann Green Systems ®. BGS – Bestmann Green Systems® is one of the world’s leading producers of environmental engineering products and applications.

Their technological solutions are available around the world and have been involved with some incredible projects improving the environment that they are installed in, such as the installation of erosion control technologies within Singapore National Park.

We are really excited to be bringing these solutions to New Zealand and utilising the years of experience developed by BGS. Our goal with this partnership is to deliver environmental solutions that can address some of the most current issues New Zealand is facing, especially water quality.

With this partnership, Clean Streams will be undergoing a rebrand to Clean Stream Systems. We will still be offering our Ecological services that we have been for the last year however we will also be offering a range of products that will enable us to improve New Zealand’s natural environment.

If you would like to find out about our new partner BGS please feel free to have a look at their website. This partnership also means we have joined the International BioEngineering Group® (IBEG) connecting us with similar companies throughout the world. This allow us to bring even more new concepts and solutions to assist in improve New Zealand.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bestmann Green System Products