Long Bay Wetland Management Plan

The Long Bay development is Auckland’s largest and original water sensitive communities, covering over 380ha providing approximately 2500 dwellings and a town centre. As part of this development, 4 wetlands are to be created throughout, along with improvements to riparian margins that surround the two streams that flow through the area.

As part of the second stage of environmental improvement, Long Bay Community Ltd was undertaking riparian margin improvements to Vaughan Stream and creating three wetlands along the stream corridor. These wetlands were designed to improve the site water quality and increase native biodiversity.

To maintain these improvements delivered by wetlands, a management plan was required. Clean Streams was approached to produce the management plan for the wetland encompassing both fauna and flora.

A ground-based ecological survey was undertaken on the current wetlands and Vaughan Stream. Pest plant species were recorded on the site where restoration planting had not occurred. Visual encounters of animals were noted and their location within the site was recorded. Desk research was undertaken on restoration designs and various databases were accessed to evaluate the environmental parameters, to develop an understanding of the entire catchment.

Using the data collected Clean Streams designed a management plan that would aim to keep the wetlands delivering optimal environmental functionality. Recommendations included establishing a native macrophytic community to reduce algal growth and improve habitat availability. Pukeko were proving to be an issue with the new plants, and plans were devised to address their behaviour.